Our Guarantee

BDH Outdoor Lighting guarantees the quality of the fixtures and workmanship and offers the following warrantees: 10year, 20year and lifetime.


The LED Advantage

No Bulbs to Change – Since we use integrated LED fixtures you no longer have to worry about bulbs going out.

The Green Choice – In addition to the well-known fact of low energy consumption LED lights also have the eco-friendly benefits of being mercury free and produce a very small carbon dioxide output. They do not produce UV rays and you have no annual waste from replacing bulbs.

Safe – Low voltage LEDs produce little outward heat compared to other light sources which makes LED landscape lights extremely safe to use.

Focus – The solid package of the LED is designed to focus its light. Traditional halogen sources often require an external reflector to collect light and direct it in a usable manner.

Versatility – Due to their small size, low maintenance, and high light output LEDs can be used in many applications that conventional lighting sources cannot.

Service Plan Available

Many outdoor LED lighting systems are sold as maintenance free. This is simply not true. Virtually anything you buy especially something you put outside needs some level of maintenance. Having a service plan is the only way to completely protect your investment. While there are no bulbs to change there is still cleaning, adjusting and core system checks that need to be performed. With our 6 Point Plan Step Service Program your system will be 100% covered.


Our 6 Point Plan

Our 6 point plan Service Program – Protect Your Investment

  • Clean all fixtures and heat sync components.
  • Clean all fixture lenses to ensure optimal light output.
  • Minor adjusting of light fixtures for refocusing.
  • Trimming and minor pruning around fixtures.
  • Rebury any exposed wire
  • Transformer check – Ensure proper input and output voltage and ensure terminal connections are properly secure. Check timer settings and operation.

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