Free Nighttime Demonstration At Your Home

See the difference! Experience your lighting system at night without any strings attached. We are this confident in our products, our service and our value to you.

After speaking with you about your needs, an BDH Outdoor Lighting designer will come to your house and set up a full demonstration to show you how beautiful and enjoyable LED outdoor lighting can make your home and grounds.

Call us with any questions.

Lifetime Guarantee and the LED Advantage

We only use integrated LED fixtures. This means your investment is protected. You no longer have to worry about bulbs going out - “No Bulbs To Change – EVER”

LED fixtures come with a manufacturer’s 10 year, 20 year or lifetime warranty

The Green Choice – In addition to low energy consumption LED lights are eco-friendly, mercury free, produce a very small carbon dioxide output, does not produce UV rays and no annual waste from replacing bulbs.

Safe – Low voltage LEDs produce little outward heat compared to other light sources which makes LED landscape lights extremely safe to use.

Focus – Solid package of the LED is designed to focus its light. Traditional halogen sources often require an external reflector to collect light and direct it in a usable.

Versatility – Due to their small size, low maintenance, and high light output LEDs can be used in many applications that conventional lighting sources cannot.


Design First Philosophy


At BDH Outdoor Lighting, our focus is on lighting design and quality. Our goal is to create the right mood & atmosphere for our customers through outdoor lighting. We use only LED lighting to create that mood. This sole focus gives us the experience and expertise to create LED lighting projects that most of our customers did not think was possible. From custom LED lighting designs to installation, we ensure your lighting expectations are met.

While the quality of the fixtures & LED components is vital to the overall success of your project, we believe in demonstrating your design first with a free nighttime demonstration. We will then educate you on the fixture options available to create your desired design.

Quality You Can Trust

With over thousands of lights installed, BDH Outdoor Lighting Houston has designed and installed more systems using our LED lights than any other company in the Houston, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Katy, Clearlake, Galveston and surrounding greater Houston. This is knowledge and experience you can count on.

We repair, maintain each and every type of system and have a service plan to maximize the investment you have already made. If you are interested in upgrading, We will educate you on the options for an LED upgrade or retro fit.


Service, Maintenance and Upgrades

Before BDH Outdoor Lighting was your LED lighting expert, we were your halogen and incandescent lighting expert and we still are. While almost all new systems in the greater Houston are LED we understand the investment that many people have made in high quality halogen systems.

We offer industry leading service plans to protect your investment and give you the most longevity and enjoyment out of your current systems as possible. No matter what type of system you have our service plans will guarantee you the highest possible ROI.

Give us a call today to schedule a free home outdoor lighting.


" It is such a pleasure driving up to my home and viewing the beauty of my new landscaping. The lighting Brad installed provides me the same pleasure in the evening without seeing a big jump in my electric bill. Less than two weeks after his crew finished I was honored with the HOA's "Yard of the Month". Hope you all have a Happy New Year. - S Ayers 07-21-2014"

- S Ayers

" We absolutely love the lights! Our neighbors have all commented on them and the new landscaping! It is something we will definitely be adding in the hopefully very near future, just as soon as the budget allows! Thanks for letting us see just how great everything will look! - Brooke 7-14-14"

- Brooke

" I've always associated Brad with integrity, high quality products, services and value! I highly recommend BDH Outdoor Lighting for these reasons: 1. 20 year life and almost no maintenance (never changing bulbs) 2. Extremely high quality lighting, looks exquisite! 3. Brad's attention to detail and high level of service! - Craig 08-18-2014"

- Craig

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    Brad Hall, Founder and Operator
    Brad grew up in a family of small business owners and knew that he wanted to move in the same direction. His father taught him to treat clients as you would like to be treated. To work with integrity and excellence. Brad honed his business skills while working at IBM Corporation after graduating from Wichita State University with a BA in Business Management.